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About Training Branch


Training branch occupies an important place in Sikkim Police as far as the capacity building process is concerned. Up-gradation of professional skill of the police officers/ police personnel is the mandate and main aim of the training branch functionary. Therefore this branch facilitates various in-service training courses, basic training, advance courses, refresher courses etc. to the police officers/personnel at various level within the state, outside the state and abroad in coordination with other training institutions under regular guidelines from BPR&D , MHA-Govt Of India, NPA Hyderabad which provides an impetus for the achievement of goal. Various workshops /seminars are often communicated by the BPR&D some of which are conducted by the branch in the state.
Out of the various in-service training courses, important courses are shortlisted and the annual training calendar is prepared which is circulated to all the branches and districts for nomination. The nominations are scrutinized and suitable/ eligible officers/personnel are nominated for the training courses with the approval of competent authority/ government.
The branch is headed by the Addl. DGP with the Supdt.Police assisting him in the daily functioning of the branch consisting of accounts and administrative staff.





1. Course on Investigation of Disproportionate Assets & Trap Cases.
2. Course on Basic Cyber Crime Investigation Techniques.
3. Course on Scientific Interrogation Techniques.
4. Course on Prevention, Detection & Handling of IEDS.
5. Courses on Anti-Social & Criminal Behavior.
6. Courses on TOT in Disaster Management
7. Refresher Induction Course.
8. Course on Departmental Enquiry.
9. Course on Investigation of Money Laundering Act.
10. National Conference of Women in Police.
11. Computers, PC operation & Office automation.
12. Major event Security Management.
13. Crime Scene Management.
14. Crime against Women & Human Rights.
15. Training of Middle Level Police Officers on self-development & conflict management.
16. Investigation of Bank Fraud cases.
17. Training on management of finance for non-finance officers.
18. VIP security course.
19. Course on investigation of terrorist crime & Post Blast Investigation.
20. Armourer’s basic course.
21. Investigation & Interrogation Techniques.
22. NDPS Cases Investigation.
23. India Critical incident management course.
24. Refugee law & human rights.
25. Investigation of disproportionate assets and trap cases.
26. TOT in Disaster Management.
27. Piper Course.
28. PT Instructors course.
29. Arms Expert Training Course.
30. Police Commando & Instructors Course.
31. Police & Forensic Photography.
32. Investigation of cases of abuse of official position by public servants.
33. Latest technique & Advance in Forensic investigation.
34. Civil Defence on Disaster Management.
35. Earthquake Disaster response.
36. Unexploded bombs and explosives.
37. Advance search and rescue.
38. Young Bandsman course.
39. Weapon & Tactics Course.
40. Dog Handler Course.
41. Vertical Interaction Course for IPS Officers on image building, behaviour pattern on the Police.
42. Direct Trainers skills.
43. Response to an active shooter incident consultation.
44. Un-Armed Combat Course.
45. Scientific Aids & Interrogation Techniques.
46. Advanced Finger Print Science & Scientific Interrogation Techniques.
47. Appreciation Course on Disaster Management.
48. Basic Training for newly recruited Dy. SPs & SIs.
49. Prevention, Detection & Handling of IEDs.
50. Crime & Justice.
51. Border Management.
52. VIP Driving.
53. Course on Night Vision.
54. Course on collection of Digital Evidence.
55. Management of anti-social criminal behaviour.
56. TOT on CCTNs – IT Basic of trainers.
57. Rights of Prisoners.
58. Course on colour portrait building system.
59. Economic Offences.
60. Mid-career training programme for IPS Officers.
61. Organized Crime & Human Traffiking.
62. Working of Special Task Forces.
63. Complexities of Law & Order.
64. Forensic in Policy – The Way Forward.
65. Traffic Management Course.