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(Telephone No.03592- 284180)

The functions of the traffic police in the State basically pertain to traffic management, enforcement of traffic rules and Road Safety education. The Traffic Unit of Sikkim Police is bifurcated into two wings i.e. East and North and South and West.
Sl. No. Designation of the officer Areas Telephone
1. Superintendent of Police/South South and West Districts 03592-234272
2. Superintendent of Police/East East and North Districts 03592-284180
Duties of Traffic Police: -
1. Ensuing safe and smooth flow of traffic on the roads.
2. Preventing road accidents.
3. Effective enforcement of traffic rules and regulations.
4. Inculcating a sense of discipline amongst road users and educating the general public including school children, on Road Safety.
Rights/facilities available to persons violating traffic rules/regulations a) Compounding the traffic offence at the spot and pay the prescribed compounding amount to a traffic police officer without going to Court. Or
b) Go to court for its disposal/contesting etc.
c) Demand seizure memo in case of seizures where officer should append his name/rank clearly.
Documents to be carried while driving on the road:
I. Driving Licence.
II. Certificate of Registration. (Photocopy)
III. Certificate of Taxation. (Photocopy)
IV. Certificate of Insurance. (Photocopy)
V. Permit and Fitness Certificate (incase Commercial Vehicle).
VI. Pollution Under Control Certificate.
In case of non-availability of any/all such documents or attested copies thereof, the same can be sent by registered post within 15 days from the date of demand.
Whenever, a police officer has doubt over the authenticity of the documents so produced by the owner/driver/conductor of the vehicle, he has the authority to seize such documents/vehicle and wherever the doubt arises that the driver of the vehicle who is charged with an offence may abscond and may not respond to summons, the police officer has the authority to seize the licence and forward the same to the Court for taking cognizance.