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Law & Order

The Law & Order branch is headed by an officer of the rank of Special Director General of Police whose main works incudes and it is not limited to supervising the Police Ranges, Districts, Sub Divisions and Police Stations. The branch is housed in Police Headquarters and has such number of executive and ministerial staff as sanctioned by the government from time to time.

          The Law & Order branch operates under the state’s Home Department, which is responsible for various aspects of internal security and law enforcement. The branch comprises several key divisions each with its specific focus areas and responsibilities. These divisions includes:-

1.   Traffic Management: The Traffic Police unit manages and regulates vehicular movement to maintain smooth traffic in all districts, prevent road accidents by conducting road safety classes at all districts. Educating the public on traffic rule, implementing traffic control system and taking strict action against traffic violations.

2.   Community Policing: The Law & Order branch actively engage with the community to foster a sense of security and build trust between law enforcement and public under the banner of peer to peer programme and building bond programme organized at different school, colleges and bazar areas under SP/ L&O to encourage collaboration in maintaining Law & Order.

Police Range

          The State Government has created two Police Ranges vide Notification No. 54/Home/2022 dated 06/06/2022 viz Gangtok Police Range with its Headquarters at Gangtok and Namchi Police Range with its Headquarters at Jorethang.

Gangtok Police Range covered areas Gangtok District, Pakyong District & Mangan District, whereas, Namchi Police Range covered areas Gyalsing District, Soreng District & Namchi District.

The Main Functions of Branch includes:-

i.             Assisting DGP in the supervision, management and leadership of the police, and in maintaining discipline, moral and high professional standards of work at all levels.

ii.           Command, control, guide and supervise the various sub-ordinate units, i.e. Districts, Sub Divisions, Police Stations & Outposts / Checkposts and the functionaries working therein.

iii.          Organization and implementation of preventive measures, particularly Police beat system, patrols and surveillance.

iv.          Personal direction of measures necessary for maintenance of peace, public order, Law & Order and security and assistance to DGP in operations, coordination and reporting.

v.            Work out modes, methods and modalities for effective and efficient crime management for keeping control on the activities and movements of the criminals and anti – social elements and issue appropriate instructions to the Range and District Police offices.

vi.          Organization and implementation of community policing schemes, police community relations and promoting mutual understanding and trust.

vii.         Supervision of work as allotted and any other function related to these as instructed by the DGP.

viii.       Annual inspection of DIG / Range office, one District SP office and one Police Station.

ix.          Meetings and scrutiny of work of officers in the District with reference to specific items of allotted work.

x.            Scrutiny and compliance with the Code of Conduct, Police Regulations and providing guidance through proper instructions in the monthly reports of the Superintendent of Police and the DIG/Range.

xi.          Attend meetings on subjects of his charge on his own or on behalf of DGP.

xii.        Coordination and cooperation within Police, with other branches, CID, and other states.

xiii.       Coordinate Police operations during major crisis, law & order situations, natural / manmade disasters and other emergencies subject to the overall control and directions of the DGP. If required, he will conduct the needful from the state PCR and all concerned units of the Police including the Armed Police, State Disaster Response Police Force, Fire & Emergency Service, Home Guards & Civil Defense shall render necessary assistance for the successful handling of the situations.

xiv.       Provide assistance wherever necessary, in the matters of investigation of cases apprehension of offenders, searches, seizures and preservation of scene.

xv.         Preparation of schemes and contingency plans for maintenance of peace and order in connections with elections, major festivals and fairs or agitations or violent incidents and their implementation both at the State and local levels by concerned officers.

xvi.       Issue of alerts, wherever necessary, to the concerned police functionaries with copy to State Special Branch on the likelihood of a law & order disturbance / major crime or on the basis of advisories received from the Government of India.

xvii.      Visit personally areas of serious branches of peace or misconduct by the police and direct operations to control the situation.

xviii.    Any other duty incidental and necessary to the above as directed by the DGP.

xix.       Asses, on the basis of requisition from the District Police or otherwise, and issue orders for deployment of Armed Police units to assist the District Police in maintenance of law & order, security duties, etc. Also indicating the period for which the Armed Police       unit shall remain deployed. He will keep the DGP informed of such deployment at the earliest opportunity and take prior approval in case the Armed Deployment is above company strength or if the period of deployment is over a week.

xx.         Scrutinize various reports and returns received from the Range and District Police and take appropriate decision and action with regard to matters and issues under consideration.

xxi.       Send various returns and report to the DGP with regard to various subjects and issues pertaining to Police Administration, crime situation and law & order conditions.

xxii.     Send monthly returns to the DGP of the Armed Police deployment in Districts giving his recommendation for the continuation or withdrawal of these unit and issue necessary direction as per orders of the DGP.

xxiii.    Ensure that the scheme of computerization and electronic administration functions competently as per the norms and standards and the staff is efficient to work on the system.

xxiv.    Prepare quarterly transfer proposals in respect of the District Police for consideration of the Police Establishment Committee (PEC).

xxv.      Ensure that SOPS for handling various crisis like terrorists / extremists attacks, chemical / biological attacks, public agitation, natural disasters, etc. are in place and are regularly updated.

xxvi.    In the performance of these duties he shall be in close touch with the Addl. DGP, IGPs, Headquarters and General Administration, CID, Special Branch, Planning & Modernization. Armed Police & Training He will also coordinate with the ADGP IGP, Communication & Computers Branch to insure that the State and the Districts Control Rooms are efficiently organized and kept constantly alert and responsive.

xxvii.   The monthly reports and inspection reports of SPs of Districts and DIG/Range will be forwarded with his comments or instructions to the DGP before they are returned to the concerned.

xxviii. Where specific crimes as contemplated in regulation 22.17(2) are registered and are investigated, special reports in those cases, if required, shall be sent to the DGP for sending to the Government. However, situation reports should be continued to be sent to the DGP by Addl. DGP / IGP (Law & Order) along with reports on specific crimes, till the situation returns to normal.