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Check Post

CHECK POST POLICE (Telephone No. 03592-201011/201419)

The Check Post Police was established to patrol the border areas and prevent infiltration from across the borders. The Check Post Police set up in Sikkim consists of 10 Check-Posts and 5 Picket-posts, Check-Post Hqrs. and the posts are manned by Sikkim Police personnel. All expenses incurred in the maintenance of these Check-Posts are borne by the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India through reimbursements to the Government of Sikkim at the end of the financial year, on submission of Audit Certificate issued by the office of Accountant General, Sikkim. The Check-Posts and Picket-posts are located on the following international borders:

(i) Indo-Tibet Border in the North and East Districts,

(ii) Indo-Nepal Border in the West District,

(iii) Indo-Bhutan Border in the East District.


The Check-Posts and Picket-Posts manned by Sikkim Police are:-


1. Chungthang CP/PS

i)Toong PP

2. Lachung CP/PS

i) Shiva Mandir PP

3. Lachen CP/PS

i)Thangu PP

ii) Mugothang PP

iii)Tsolhamu PP


1. Sherathang CP/PS

i) 3rd Mile PP

ii) 15th Mile PP

iii) Tamzey PP

iv) Tsangu P.A.B.

2. Kupup CP/PS

i) Lingtam PP

ii) Phadamchen PP

iii) Gnathang PP


Uttaray C.P/PS

i) Chewabanzang CP


The basic functions of the Check-post police are as follows:-

1. To restrict entry of unauthorized person(s) into the Restricted and Protected Areas.

2. To check/regulate the flow of people carrying valid permits into Restricted and Protected Areas.

3. To conduct regular checks and census of people who are permanent residents of Restricted and Protected Areas having valid resident permits.

4. Obtain intelligence on any activities, which are illegal and compromise the Security of India.

5. Prevent people from crossing the International Borders.

6. Prevent infiltration into Sikkim from Neighboring Countries.

7. To carry out regular patrolling of Border.