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The Crime Branch, Crime Investigation Department (CB-CID) is amongst the most important units of the police organization. The Crime Branch is primarily and chiefly concerned with matters pertaining to crime, investigation, prosecution and collection of criminal intelligence, whereas, the State Special Branch is primarily concerned with the collection, collation and dissemination of intelligence on and about various political, communal, terrorist, labour activities and with relation to various law and order issues like agitations, strikes, demonstrations etc..



The CB-CID is headed by an officer of the rank of Addl. DGP/IGP, who is assisted by a number of police officers of the rank of DIGP, SP, Addl. SP, DySP, Inspector, SI, Head Constable & Constable, Specialists in Fingerprints, photography, computer professionals and experts in other fields. The latter category of staff may be on deputation or contract for specific periods. The CB-CID is a specialized branch which tackles the various crime related issues at micro level and, therefore, is structured into various cells, units and sections as indicated below. In view of the compactness of the State and the State Police organization two or more cells may be placed under the charge of one officer and an officer may head or work in more than one cell/unit/section: -

  • Police Station (CB-CID)
  • Economic Offences, Bank Frauds, FICN and Forged Travel Documents Cell
  • SCRB (which includes the criminal intelligence, crime analysis and research centre) & CCTNS Cell
  • Crime against Women, Weaker Sections & PCR Cell.
  • Anti-Human Trafficking & Missing Persons Cell (AHTU)
  • Human Rights Cell
  • Anti-Narcotics Cell
  • Cyber Crime Cell
  • Homicide Cell/Arms & Explosives Cell
  • Serious & Organized Crime cell
  • Fingerprints & Footprints and Photography Cell
  • Kidnapping and Abduction Cell
  • Immoral Traffic and Juvenile Crime Cell
  • Property Offences & Antique Property Cell
  • Verification Cell
  • Legal & Prosecution unit
  • Administration & Accounts section
  • Dog Squad




Functions of Crime Branch, Crime Investigation Department: -



A. Registration, investigation, detection and prosecution of specified class of cases and cases entrusted by the Government and DGP.
B. Conducting of enquiries as per laid down procedure in prescribed situations.
C. Maintenance, up-dating and use of Crime-Criminal Information System, crime and criminal records, planning and implementation of criminal intelligence system and crime analysis to improve prevention, detection, investigation and prosecution of criminal cases.
D. Coordination of investigation and related matters in the State and with other States and National Institutions/Organizations dealing with crime investigation and maintenance of crime & criminal records.
E. Efficient, professional and independent functioning of SCRB, FPB and their modernization.
F. Advise, assist and report to DGP and Government on matters concerning investigation and prosecution.
G. Coordination with the FSLs.
H. Collection, Dissemination and Utilization of criminal intelligence on subjects dealt by the CB-CID and prevention of crime by creating pubic awareness.
I. Verification and Issue of NOCs for registration of vehicles, companies/firms, cyber cafes etc.
J. Timely submission of returns and reports to the concerned Central & State Govt. agencies.
K. Reply to Parliamentary & Assembly questions on crime and other matters relating to the State Police department except those that relate to purely administrative issues.
L. In cases relating to Human trafficking launch rescue operations and attend to post rescue victim care and protection in coordination with the NGOs.
M. Coordinate in r/o prosecution matters including with the PPs/APPs and the Law department.
N. Legal vetting of charge-sheets forwarded by the district police by the Law Officer in the CB-CID.
O. Monitor Timely execution of summons/warrants etc. within and outside the State.
P. Maintain Data base in r/o cases under trial, court disposals and court orders.
Q. Examine and report on judgments for filing appeals.
R. Examine and report on references relating to criminal law and legal matters.
S. Support presentation of prosecution evidence in important cases by way of research work and coordination with I/Os.
T. Character & Antecedent verification.
U. Deal with administrative and accounts matters of the CB-CID as per rules and instructions.
V. Issue of Identity Cards to the Police personnel by the photography cell.
W. Maintain canine squad and assist through their services the district and Special Branch in tracking of criminals, checking of narcotics and explosives and anti sabotage checks.
X. CB-CID will assist and support the district police either by taking up the entire investigation of a case, or by sending one or more of the specialist investigating officers or civilian experts to the district Police, including visits to scenes of crime, providing technical support, criminal intelligence and information, crime analysis and providing specific advice on investigation or coordination within the state and other states, securing investigative assistance from other states and countries. The district Superintendents of Police will act in a similar manner and furnish all necessary information and assistance to the CB-CID.
Y. The District Crime Record Bureau functions will be performed by a unit in the office of Addl. SP/DySP located at the district police headquarters under the supervision of the district SP.
Z. The Crime Investigation Department in no way relieves the district police of their responsibility towards the prevention, investigation and detection of crime.
NB: Each cell/unit/squad of the CB-CID will have their separate detailed list of subjects/types of cases to be dealt by them and SOPs for their working duly incorporating the guidelines issued in that regard by the Central or State Government or the Apex Court.


Classes of crime to be investigated by the CB-CID and the procedure thereof-



The Crime Investigation Department, will ordinarily, deal with crimes of the following classes. Request for taking up of investigation by CB-CID can be made by any Unit Officer without the orders of the head of CID or the DGP no such enquiry or investigation shall be taken up by CB-CID.

  1. Counterfeit currency and important thefts of currency notes
  2. Counterfeit coining when the counterfeits are struck from dies, and other cognate offences in respect of coining by dies.
  3. Theft of Government arms and ammunition
  4. Illicit manufacture, transport, sale, possession of firearms, ammunition, explosives and explosive substances
  5. Important cases in which foreigners are concerned (including cases of international criminals and trafficking in women by foreigners
  6. Frauds by means of advertisements, bogus funds and companies / societies, impersonation of public servants, and swindling
  7. Special and important cases of murder, all important and inter-State dacoity, robbery and housebreaking.
  8. Frauds, thefts or cheating of a peculiar nature affecting more than one district.
  9. Stock market and Bank frauds
  10. Important terrorist cases and cases of bio terrorism
  11. Important defalcations of public money and theft of public property.
  12. Smuggling of narcotics and psychotropic substances, drug trafficking and serious offences under NDPS Act.
  13. Financial and Economic crimes i.e., money laundering, bank frauds, forgeries, misappropriation, cheating, breach of trust.
  14. Organized crime (Mafia type) and gang cases
  15. Important conspiracy cases whose ramifications extend to several districts.
  16. Organized offences relating to environment, flora and fauna
  17. Trafficking in women, girls and children
  18. Important cases of rape and dowry deaths
  19. Pornography
  20. Any serious crime, which appears to have a political motive, including all offences, connected with arms and explosives, which are suspected to be of a political nature
  21. Organized thefts of motor vehicles
  22. Other cases of Inter-State or International nature requiring specialized investigation and coordination.
  23. Organized cases of atrocities against Scheduled Castes or Scheduled Tribes and important communal or caste riots accompanied by murders and arson
  24. Cases of bringing fraudulent civil suits.
  25. Cases of such a nature as in the opinion of the DGP, the Addl DGP/IGP, CID or district authorities call for investigation by an officer of the CB-CID.